Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Slightly worn, but not forlorn!

Boy! It's been a while since my last post. With treasure hunting, refinishing items for our booth, filling our booth, working at the Antique Mall, working on a new business venture, looking for craft shows to get into, trying to get our Etsy shop open.... and more.... It has been more than crazy! I actually put my darling husband to bed tonight and came back downstairs to work!
So I thought I would show you what we have been up to at Wonderful at Home!

Of course - things get away from me, and I don't have before and after pictures of everything, but I thought you may still enjoy seeing what we have been up to! Boy, I just can't get enough of antique and vintage finds! But who can!?
BEFORE - This mirror is already beautiful, but then we put a coat of "Coco" colored paint on it... and....

Whooolllaaaa! I love the detail on the top!

This chair was in someone's garage our here in the boonies.... we changed the seat covered (it was nothing to look at, and it was tattered and torn ) - we kept the paint just as it was found, because it had such a great worn look to it already

My mom found this telephone table (sometimes called a gossip table), at the Salvation Army. Gorgeous! We changed out the seat cover because the one that was on there was all torn and stained (not in a good way) and I think it looks great!

I wish I would have gotten a "before" picture of this, but if you can try to imagine, it was just plain wood color, similar to the color shade of the floor it is sitting on... but after a beautiful coat of "paris gray" and some wood appliques... WOW!

I hope you like what we have done... and really try to appreciate antique and vintage finds when you see them. It so often breaks my heart when I see or hear of these "slightly worn" items being tossed aside, trashed, or left out in the elements, as we cannot ever get that time back. Treasure them, or make sure they get to a good home so someone else can treasure them!

I know a lot about a lot of things, but there's always something to learn. That's the beauty of the antiques business.


  1. Great finds and even better make overs! Good luck on all your ventures for this year. I'm kind of in the same boat myself, so I know where you're coming from on blog time.

  2. HI Kristen, great finds and you did a lovely job freshening them up. I'm a new follower. Thanks for joining us at Transformed Tuesday. Hugs, Peggy