Thursday, May 30, 2013

A few finished pieces.....

Before you think it, or say it... yes, I disappeared for a while. Have had a lot going on, one major thing, but I am working on the post (and trying to work up the nerve to post it) explaining. For now, I wanted to show you a few of the pieces we have been working on. Unfortunately, I don't have before pictures (another thing that has suffered but I swear starting now, I am ON IT for future projects!).

First, this cute little shelf was just a plain old light color wood, most likely handmade.  Found it at an indoor flea market, and I just envisioned this in some little girls room, holding her little treasures! So I choose the violet color we had, and since gray is so hot right now (pink and gray, purple and gray, yellow and gray - its everywhere in kids room right now), I thought the little pop of gray would suit this piece well. And of course, we lightly distressed it....

This vintage plant stand, was a very dark color wood - just kind of - blah! Just because I can't keep plants alive (either my cats eat them, or I kill them), doesn't mean other people don't like to keep plants! And I never did think about this, but this could go great on a front porch as well! So because most plants and flowers are cheery, I just had to go with a bright color. We chose duck egg blue for the shelf parts, and old ocher (which is like a buttermilk color) for the legs. Distressed it where it needed it, and bam! I think it turned out rather well if I may say so myself!

I cant take credit for this one at all... this one is all my Mom. A vintage coffee table that before, looked rather dull, and now - pops!  The edging around this piece is fantastic itself, and I like how she used the gray to define it, as well as on the legs. 

Well, those are just a few of the finished pieces we have been working on. I am going junking this weekend, so I am sure I will have a boat load of pictures to add, and adventures to share! Talk to you all soon!