Thursday, December 27, 2012

Vintage ornament wreaths

Obviously, I cannot get enough of vintage Christmas.... I just can't! There is something beautiful about vintage Christmas bulbs that you just cant find in newer ones.  I am absolutely sure you cannot get a more beautiful wreath than these! Just another one of the projects that Wonderful at Home has been working on....Enjoy!

"I collect antiques. Why? Because they're beautiful."


  1. I love those, very pretty. I'm glad you found my blog so I could find yours.

  2. Oh I simply LOVE this wreath! It is gorgeous in all its vintage glory!!!! hugs and so nice to see you over at the market : ) i keep trying to join but it tells me that i have done it all ready but I do not have an icon on the members? it allowed me to follow on google plus though : ) i will try again later! wishing you and yours a fabulous and wonderful NEW YEAR and sending hugs!

  3. So so pretty!! Thanks so much for the sweet comment :D

    Wonderful to meet you too!

    1. Thanks ladies! So sweet of you! I am so glad I have found some vintage lovers to follow as well!

  4. I love vintage ornaments too! I need to go searching for some. I only have one set that belonged to my Grandmother. Beautiful wreath, my dear!

  5. Antique stores or malls are great for that starting after Halloween Janis.... thanks for your comment!

  6. GORGEOUS!!!! Thanks for sharing at Junkin Joe...we are wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and sending hugs!!!!

  7. I just came over from Junkin Joe - and I'm your newest follower!! Good luck with your blog, I've met some great new people through my blog...

    Your wreath has just the right amount of ornaments on it - I'm going to pin it for next year!

  8. Your wreaths are beautiful!! I love vintage ornaments too :)
    Happy New Year,

  9. Kristen,
    Wonderful wreaths!! I do a whole tree in these ornaments......