Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Favorite Pinterest Things Friday #2

Yes, you read that title right. And no, you are not going insane. It is Monday. I don't know what to tell you! Things just seem to get away from me during the holiday season.  We have been getting ready for the big sale at the antique mall, trying to finish up on a couple projects around the house, running around like crazy trying to get the outdoor furniture, garden stuff etc into the garage because it actually snowed here already (a few times!), as well as getting ready for the holidays!

This week, I am featuring recipes that I have found on Pinterest that I just LOVE. I would love for you to follow Wonderful at Home on Pinterest, but if you would like, please also feel free to follow my personal Pinterest account, where I have a specific board called "Recipes I Love!". Any time I try a recipe and LOVE it, I move it over to that board! So if you are looking for something to make for dinner, dessert, a party etc, you can go there and find one that has been tested and approved, and has the husband thumbs up!

So here we go!

Copycat Alice Springs Chicken - I have made this twice in two months. We love it! And it is low carb which is something I have to watch due to my PCOS.

Peanut Butter Cheese Ball - YUM! She hit a home run here. My family LOVED this. I keep getting requests for it! 

Easy BBQ Ribs. The first word says it all. It was easy, and amazing. It was my first experience making ribs, and she gave such good directions!

Well I hope that you enjoy these recipes! We sure did! See you after Thanksgiving!