Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wonderful Wednesdays #13 with features

Wow how this month has flown by hasn't it? We are 9 days away from Thanksgiving! I can't wait. My husband and I go and spend the night at my parents, which is only about 8 miles away, but we play cards, wake up to the AMAZING smell of giblets cooking on the stove, eat my Fathers FAMOUS biscuits and gravy and watch the Thanksgiving parade before gobbling down loads of food! 

Everyone has traditions, and everyone loves their food, but I have to say, ours is THE BEST. My parents are phenomenal cooks. I mean AMAZING. Sometimes to a fault - ha! We like our dishes the way we like them. Don't anyone dare bring some concocted version of sweet potato casserole (my aunt makes the best, so she makes it), don't anyone dare bring a bizarre rendering of green bean casserole (I usually contribute that) and by all means, we better have giblet stuffing (and my parents take care of that since it is a must, and not everyone that comes to dinner thinks giblets are an appropriate food.

We have about 13 1/2 people (the 1/2 is the one great kid we have in our family), so we cook two large turkeys. One oven baked and one fried. The fried one disappears FAST. It is smaller than the baked, but we enjoy having both around.

What are your traditions? What do you have for Thanksgiving? I would love to hear!

So lets get to the features!

New Mama Diaries shared their Dark Hot Chocolate - YUM! I love a good hot chocolate!

Ms Moozys Open House shared their Crockpot Caramel Sauce.  I have one word for this. YUM!

 Little Brags shared this great stool redo. Love the material!

Now, onto the party! 

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Here we go! 



  1. I appreciate the chance to party at your place. THANKS!

  2. Thank you so much for my caramel feature, also thanks for hosting these great parties. Have a blessed day! :-)

  3. Kristin thanks so very much for the feature of my little stool!!!! yay......Christine from Little Brags