Thursday, September 26, 2013

Guest post: Fortuny - Italian Design for your Home

Hello all! 
We have a guest post submission today from one of our sponsors, Fortuny! They blog about Italian design, as well as sell their great high end pieces. Since I know a lot of you love to see different types of home decor, I thought this would be a unique one, that all you "pinners" out there will LOVE! As an Antique Dealer, I think it is VERY  important to appreciate all types of trends, styles and history.... So let's get to it! 

Italian Design for Your Home

There’s something about Italian designers – it almost seems as if they were born with a natural sense of style and an artistic flair in their blood. Italian designers are renowned worldwide for not just home wares, but also art, fashion, food and more, so it’s safe to assume there’s a certain magic that everyone loves when it comes to Italian creativity.

For the most part, the majority of Italian designers are about creating a classic and well thought-out look. They rarely create anything ostentatious and designed to shock, instead it’s usually about sumptuous luxury fabrics, beautifully made woodwork, and items designed to last, not just look good. When you first think of Italian design, a pallet of jewel-toned colours comes to mind; golden yellows, deep sapphire blues, velvet reds and emerald greens – but that is also contrasted to the slight Mediterranean influence in their culture – there’s a distinct mastery of ceramics and beautiful print work evocative of the Med in this culture, and it goes beautifully with the more decadent materials.

If you want to recreate the Italian look in your own home, the first place to start is with the flooring. Think glossy real wood, pretty tiles and smooth stone, as these will provide a simple but luxurious base for anything else you plan on filling your room with.  Next consider the larger pieces of furniture; look for soft, elegant pieces like traditionally designed sofas in velvet and leather, and contrast them with bold, modern pieces like colour-block sideboards and mirrored storage.

When it comes to accessorising your room, getting the Italian look is a piece of cake. Make a display of ordinary day to day items; for example, empty your bar selection into some beautiful glass decanters and display them on an antique style serving tray. Another tip is to proudly display glossy magazines and designer books on your coffee table; they look great, and they’re always fun for your guests to flick through.

Add the finishing touches simply, just place a few beautiful fresh flowers in simple mason jars, and invest in some art that inspires you. Many people don’t think of art when they plan on designing their home; perhaps they are put off by the mass-produced prints we tend to see in home design shops! If you’re looking to capture some of that Italian appreciation for fine design, consider visiting a gallery and picking out an original piece of art. This will really add the wow factor to your room. Look for eye-catching pieces that mimic the colour pallet in your room and remember that bigger is usually better, as it helps to create a more striking look in your room. In terms of design it’s better to have one big piece of art, rather than lots of little room accessories.

Who are some of your favourite Italian designers, and what is your one must have piece from their collection?


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