Monday, September 30, 2013

The Beauty of a Michigan Fall

Not many people know this, but last year, Michigan had NO apples, and it was very hard on our farmers, not to mention us as consumers! I never realized the consequences of having such a mild winter. And when I say mild, I mean mild. There was a week in March that year where I laid out in my bathing suit and it looked as if I went to the Bahamas! I so enjoyed that weather.... until the following Fall came when we went to the orchards and they had signs saying "NO APPLES!" NO APPLES?! Wait! We have many Christmas Traditions, but this... this is our Fall tradition! How can we have NO APPLES?! I was stunned, and felt a little guilty for enjoying the warm weather as much as I had the winter before. So we are taking full advantage this season! The beautiful changing colors, picking your own Michigan apples at the cider mill, a warm cinnamon sugar doughnut with some apple cider, pumpkin filled farmers markets, and getting to wear my boots - everywhere! Fall in Michigan...it's just about my favorite time of the year. With low humidity, the fresh air seems to make your smiles louder. You take big giant breaths as if you may not be able to get air for the next 4 months. Sometimes, when the deep, cold Michigan winter hits, it almost feels like that, so yes, we will take full advantage! I mean... I LOVE Christmas, and decorating for Christmas, and Christmas movies but I just love what comes before that. So, we went to the farmers market, and to Spicer's Orchards this past weekend. We soaked up every bit of it, and it was a BEAUTIFUL day! 

It was hard to resist picking a pumpkin from this patch! They are beautiful aren't they?! But we didn't grab one this trip as we plan on going back again soon and I thought it might be a little early for pumpkins to survive!!  

We did however pick some apples ourselves. YUM! Honeycrisp are our favorite, and they were just PERFECT! If you haven't tried a Honeycrisp apple, you haven't really lived! 

They were perfect hanging from those trees! And there are so many! I wanted to just JUMP in!

This batch below is actually Courtand, which are great for baking. And doesn't it just look amazing in my Pyrex? I can't wait to make these into my favorite fall deserts... like apple crisp. I was also thinking of taking the Cream Cheese Monkey Bread I make, and altering it a bit to include some of these apples! 

...And since it was a beautiful Fall morning this morning as well, I went for a long walk, and was so thankful for the beautiful scenery! 

Enjoy this Fall season. It goes by so fast! 

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