Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vintage Vintage Vintage!

These few days since my girls getaway to Nashville... whew! I am exhausted! Its baffling because its not as if we "partied". We did a lot of walking through Nashville, went to a waterpark, stayed up one night late, just talking and talking. We live in 3 different cities, Chicago, Las Vegas and Howell (Michigan), so when we get together, we have to get our 50,000 words a day in - each!

I just can't understand why I am so tired! My first day back, I slept until 1:15pm. WHAT?! I have not done that since college. The next day, I slept until 11:30am! And today, my darling husband woke me up at 10:45am! We had plans to go to breakfast this morning, and I had set my alarm for 8:00am (and must have turned it off in my sleep!). I have heard that when you are sleepy like this, its because your body needs it, but my goodness! I don't feel sick or anything - just exhausted! Even last night, I was cooking dinner at 5pm, thinking "Its time for bed!". I did end up being able to make some yummy Lower Sugar, Lower Carb Pumpkin Dip, that even passed the husband test, which is a miracle since he loves everything loaded with enough sugar to send me into a diabetic coma!

I just got around to unwrapping some of the great vintage picks I got at the big sale at our antique mall before my vacation, and thought I would show you a few of them! Please excuse the pictures, it goes with it being a Sunday!

This great covered Amish Butterprint casserole dish - YES! I have the whole set of the mixing bowls, and now I am hooked. I found this at such an amazing deal, that I couldn't pass it up! At 1 1/2 quarts, I can see this holding my YUMMMYYY Asparagus and Sun-dried tomato risotto, or baking the Wonderful Breakfast Casserole in on a cool Sunday morning! It gives it more character you know!?

 I spotted a few of these great jelly glasses several times at the mall, and so when the sale started, I snagged two of them up right away! Unfortunately, a plastic bag mishap while taking them out of the car, sent one to the ground, and it broke instantly! So, I have this lone jelly glass, and I might have to go back and get a couple more. They were reasonably priced anyway!

 I was working on a very slow day at the mall, and I came across this 1957 "Young Only Once, Secrets of Success" book. It was published in Grand Rapids Michigan, which is great because I can picture more easily, the Michiganders reading this "how-to" book in the 50's, on how to be a successful young person! Let me quote something from the book "How often should I wash my hair? Some ask. Bill is a mechanic at the airport. Grease and dust are a part of his routine, so he has to lather his crew cut several times a week. But Sue, the girl he is dating, works at the library. Because her hair is dry and her office is clean, she shampoos her curly red hair once every two weeks. A good guide is to wash your hair whenever it is dirty. Don't be fooled, hair get's dirty from being on your head, from perspiration and such. So don't igore a shampoo for more than two weeks".
WOW! That is something isn't it!? No one could get away with that these days! I think these are some great and unique finds. I love finding different things every time I go out junking. Like when we went to Midland, and found these great treasures. People went gaga over the old vintage bread n cakes box. Or this collection from some of my other trips, where I found the most precious vintage chalk!

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday! I know I am, sitting by the fire, watching the rain, with a movie on, working on my blog! Couldn't be better!


  1. Once every two weeks?? WITW? After two or three days MAX, I'm thinking my hair needs some shampoo-love or people are going to go cross-eyed looking at this mop. Yes, girl, times have changed indeed. What a funny book. I bet there's a lot of *good* material in there. :)


  2. Love them all...but in love with the pyrex : ) Great finds and TFS! hugs...

  3. Butterprint is always a great find - it's one of my favourite patterns!

  4. Hi Kristen, just found you via Sverve, following & endorsing you. I also host a weekly link party on my blog for posts like this, for anything vintage, antique, or history-related. I hope you'll join sometime. Tuesdays-Saturdays, We Call It Olde Link-Up.
    www.wecallitjunkin.com Take care - Dawn