Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another update on our Wonderful Wednesdays linky party

It took me about 5 minutes (thats it!) of emails with the linky tools owner to figure out that there were two different issues going on with my parties from the last couple weeks. One, the last parties code was doubled, which had to be by me, but when I kept trying to delete one of the codes, I must have kept deleting too much of it, which made it not show the party at all. Geez.

Then it seems as if blogger actually changed something... because all of the sudden things with javascript do not show in preview. I had no idea this was coming down the pipeline, and it caused me (and I am SURE a lot of other people) a ton of hours trying to figure this out.

All I have to say, is what great customer service Linky Tools provided immediately. I know it is a lot of work to be in business, and it is amazing that people can provide such good customer service skills, especially when the problem is not something they caused, but others (like me, and like blogger).

If you haven't found a linky party host yet, grab them, they are good people! You can get them here.

I am pretty exhausted from banging my head against the wall (this happens when I have to look, deal or see any html code), so I think we will pick back up next week with the partying, and I will still use the features from last weeks party, next week.

Thanks for everyones patience!

Have a lovely evening!

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