Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snowmagedon 2014

My plan was to have our Wonderful Wednesdays linky party back Tuesday night. Our last linky party was before Christmas! We took a vacation starting at Christmas, for the holidays, as I know everyone is very busy, including us!  This holidays are just insane, and my husband took the week off work, so I felt I should take time off as much of my work as possible to be fair.  I didn't work at the antique mall, and I only worked on my Etsy shop.
Then.... Snowmagedon 2014 hit. Our town LITERALLY was buried in the snow. We got almost 16 inches. Yes, you read that right, 16 inches. We didn't go out unless it was to shovel (for several days), which we did 4 times in one day. This is the most snow I have ever seen, which was followed by a few frigid days. I think we hit a low of -11. Minus eleven?! Well I have never! With the windchill, it was said to be -40. Dangerous frankly. I had some recipe posts that I wanted to push out, but we haven't been able to get to the store or anything. I guess I have learned my lesson there. Have posts done as back up! I am always running in a last minute frenzy these days, trying to juggle working at the antique mall, trying to find product for our antique booth, getting it ready or repurposing it, tagging items and cataloging them in the spreadsheet, working on my etsy shop (a lot lately), blogging and keeping up with my house (not to mention, getting ready for taxes since this is the first year for our business). Whew, I am tried just thinking about it. Plus, with this snowstorm, and my bad back, I had a day or two of not moving because my back was killing me from shoveling. Yes, buying a snowblower is now on the top of our list. For fun, I snapped a couple pics of the snow (before the last 1/3 of it even fell, and as you can see, it's scary!). You can even see my hubby shoveling away in one of them! 


The linky tools html codes for the party, are not working for me, and I cannot figure out why, so that is the reason the party did not go live as scheduled. I hope I can get it worked out before next week! I miss the partying! I hope everyone who lives in the path this storm took, stays safe, and those of you who live in warm, sunny climates, appreciate it! Us northern fools are jealous of you right now! 

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