Monday, February 3, 2014

Antique Booth Tour

As many of you know, we have two antique booths at the local antique mall in our town. One is more of the shabby chic type, and the other we call a more primitive style.  This month, with the help of a fellow dealer/friend, who is amazing at display work, we have been working on revamping our primitive style booth. So here it is!

Sometimes, just moving things around can give the customer a different feel, and they stop in to see things they weren't able to see before!

We hoped you enjoyed the tour of our new look!


  1. You're right, Kristen - we have most always found that moving things around may sometimes prompt a sale of something that might have been in stock for a while. Looks great.

  2. It looks so nice- hope you sell lots...........gentlejoyhomemaker.blogspot.com :)

  3. I just did the same thing in my space last night . . . seems that giving it a new look is one of the best things to do to spruce up sales. It's alot of work though! Great job.

  4. I love this! So many fun vintage items! I wish I lived closer!

    New follower from etsy :)